Research and Development

  • Research and Development at PLATE assumed as leader of development oriented movement of the organization; which plays its fundamental role in line with organization strategies to obtain following goals:

    • Re-engineering of the present products based on value engineering principles to gain higher values for beneficiaries.
    • Surveying innovations of flexible packaging industries and their feasibility and implementation.
    • Investigation of customer’s potential and revealed requests and conducting practical plans to fulfill these requests.
    • Attempt to create alternatives to customers by providing product varieties.
    • Feasibility of manufacturing of imported flexible packaging products to further satisfy national customers.
    • Provisions of movement of PLATE from local market player toward reliable global one.
    • Seeking and implantation of technologies which best suit PLATE’s present and future needs.

    Research and Development of PLATE tries to bring the abovementioned goals to reality by the aid of their most expertize colleagues, modernized laboratory facilities, and updated scientific resources, establishing cooperative relation with nation-wide and global research and academic institutes.

    We hope this subsidiary will be well known and established nationally.