• Wrap around labels we print range from 38 to 55 micron pearl and 40 micron transparent BOPP films; which specially processed to cope with high running speed and no charge accumolation. Brand owners uses both clear and pearl films. Label widths can be slitted down to 30mm. Surface printed and overprint lacqure coated jobs up to 8 colors can be provided for high speed and smooth running. specification may be tailor made on customer order.
    Clear, clear yellow, clear red, metalized and white 30 micron PVC films. Unbeatable twist retention and impact warrants tight wrapping through supply. Downgauging downto 25 micron and widh to 30mm is possible. Other alternative substrates like PET and CPP are available on request. specification may be tailor made on customer order.
  • We provide HFFS, VFFS and FMCG packaging technologies avail of our stringently selected film, ink and consumables. Low friction and sealing temperature film, consistent inks designate this product category. Laminated, single layer surface printed clear, matte, pearl and metalized BOPP films from 15 to 70 micron in conjunction to CPP film are available. Widths up to 1300mm and down to 30mm can be converted upon request. Other substrates and product designs will be appreciated on customer request.

  • We provide growing market of cold seal packaging laminated or single layer printed and cold seal coated products; Cold seal designated by tight sealing and Food contact ability and re-seal ability; Specially developed cold-seal film minimizes back-tacking of cold seal layer;