• HRM Approach

    People as the backbone of organizational development, plays an important role through teamwork and organizational responsibilities.

    We believe fortifying human resources is a very efficient tool to revolutionize the organization; which enables us to step up the development way far and fast. We believe in that people are the core of organization progress; thus, to gain the acceptable measure of organization competency, we should promote our human resource to a trusty level.

    We have chosen to key solutions:

    1. Sticking to solutions such as competency base, job development, job enrichment, collaboration, labors rehabilitation, wise behavior of employees systems.
    2. Hiring powerful people which their self-competency, creativity and innovativeness and profession help us to gain the goals.
  • We appreciate your tendency to join our peaceful and reliable atmosphere to commence growth of your talents and capabilities.

    We know each people; have their own characteristics and abilities. We try to recognize these unique attitudes; then, organize powerful and effective teams based on these findings.

    HRM Strategy

    • Balanced growth of human resource,
    • Development and training of human resource,
    • Developing learning culture to gain organizational goals,
    • Extension of strategic competencies of the people,
    • Promotion of collaboration culture,
    • Promotion of people motivation mechanisms.