Quality Policy

  • PLATE as a manufacturer of PVC films, solution provider of packaging business and flexible packaging materials supplier, assumes submissionto quality, safety and environmental regulations a worth. We aimed at achieving customers and beneficiaries’satisfaction, sustainable development, creation of safe workspace, preventing human resource, assets and environmental depletion. We believe in good functionality on HSE is the essential part of organization integrated management; bring usto productivity, quality and income.

    • Customer inspiration, customer orientation and preserve the rights of all beneficiaries;
    • Organization wide collaboration of the employees to decide and do;
    • Process basedand realistic management;
    • Learning, fruitfulcompetition, continuous innovation and improvement;
    • Leadership and integrated goal seeking;
    • Adherence to obey National and International HSE norms and regulations;
  • We: Stated customer satisfaction our principal priority and try to obtain proper market share by waste reduction, productivity improvement and conforming the products to globally proven norms. Struggle to implement continuous improvement mechanisms all over the activities, augment quality, safety and environmental protection culture as backbone of whole processes. Conduct all resources toward diminishing wastes and loses, minimizing risks and environmental hazards. Assume human resources important and invaluable wealth of the organization and try to train them constantly, develop their knowledge and promote their skills and functionalities to gain integrated managing goals; then, achieve their satisfaction. Manage hazardous factors by identification, assessment and control of health, safety and environmental risks potent injuring and patience of human being and harm the environment; then create a safe and healthy atmosphere based on sustainability. The manager committed to revise the system regularly to assure abovementioned goals reached and the organization sustainability guaranteed based on ISO9001, ISO14001and OSHAS 18001requirements. Management Director